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 Character Creation and Rules.

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Character Creation and Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation and Rules.   Character Creation and Rules. EmptyMon Jun 30, 2008 5:03 pm

Your first step in becoming a member is to create a character, please visit Character Creation , this is where you will create your character, using the mandatory profile template.

Once you are in the designated board, copy and paste the profile template into a new thread, the subject of which should be your characters name.

We allow both custom and cannon characters.

List Of Available Characters

As of the 07/05/07, this is the full list of taken cannon-characters, at the moment most every character is available:

1- Uchiha Itachi
2- Haruno Sakura
3- Orochimaru
4- Hatake Kakashi
5- Hidan
6- Hyuuga Hinata
7- Aburame Shino
8- Inuzuka Kiba
9- Kakuzu
10- Konan
11- Mighto Gui
12- Tobi
13- Gaara
14- Sasori
15- Uchiha Sasuke
16-Kaguya Kimimaro
18-Lady Tsunade
19-Costom-Missing nin-Uchiha and other Clans

List Of Restricted Characters/Jutsu

The following is a list of characters which are not allowed currently, but may become available in the future:

Taken Cannon Characters
Custom Kage
Custom Jinchuuriki
Custom Seven Swordsmen of the Mist members

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Character Creation and Rules.
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